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Attributes of a Learner

Central Okanagan Public Schools - Overarching Goal

Each Central Okanagan Public Schools student (K-12) will provide evidence of being a learner, thinker, innovator, collaborator and contributor.
Attributes of a Central Okanagan Public Schools Learner in the 21st Century:
A Learner is one who is engaged, resilient and seeks to understand through:
         Literacy, Numeracy and Subject Competencies
         Information, Media, and Technology Literacy
         Self-Direction, Work Ethic and Accountability
         Healthy Lifestyle
         Financial Literacy
A Thinker is one who analyzes, makes connections, inferences, asks questions, and transfers knowledge through:
         Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
         Open Mindedness and Reflection
         Flexibility and Adaptability
An Innovator is one who sees possibilities and generates original ideas with value through:
         Curiosity and Imagination
         Creativity, Design and Performance
         Initiative and Entrepreneurship
A Collaborator is one who excels at working with others to create new understanding through:
         Appreciating Diversity
         Effective Communication
         Relationship Building
A Contributor is a citizen who participates in the local and global community through:
         Finding, Following, and Sharing Passions
         Respect, Empathy, and Kindness
         Integrity and Ethical Behaviour
         Civic and Environmental Responsibility
         Embracing Diverse Cultures and Lifestyles