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The Rose Valley School Community has experienced significant change recently. What was once a large school (600 plus students), became a small school (300 students), before it started to once again grow rapidly. With change in size and staffing,   Scanning has been integral in the formation of our new learning community. This year we began a journey to gather information to inform future direction. We've been listening to students, parents and staff, and asking the essential guiding questions:  Who are we?  Who are our learners?  Can we articulate what we are learning and what kind of learners we are?  Are we able to name the next steps in our learning? Are we able to trust one another and work collaboratively to build a supportive community that in turn supports each student and believes in their success?

Rose Valley Elementary School staff members collaboratively engage in a continuous process of inquiry and learning to narrow focus and determine how to best meet student learning needs.  Our approach to determining support is responsive to student needs. Our model requires inquiry into what is happening for learners now and, in turn, informs our direction. Specifically, the guiding question is asked, " What is going on for our Learners?" As a result, RVE directs resources and support to achieve two specific goals:

  1. Improve reading readiness amongst primary students
  2. Improve literacy skills, specifically communication, amongst intermediate students

See "Our Learning Plan" for information about how these goals are supported. Upon re scanning available data sources and reflecting on our approach to supporting vulnerable learners, we determined that we would continue to provide similar supports to Tier Two and Three students, or those requiring direct support consistent with the plan structured in their Inclusive Education Plans and for unidentified students who the School Based Team determines require additional supports. Data sources scanned include:

- Individual Teacher Assessments, Early Learning Profile Data, PM Benchmark Levels, School Wide Write Assessments, Whole Class Reading Assessments, Class Profile Meeting anecdotal notes and observations, and more in depth assessments conducted by the Learning Assistants Teacher -

In the spring of 2019 the Rose Valley staff began the scanning process once again. This time, with the social emotional needs of our learners as the focus for our research. We leveraged and scanned several data sources and recognized a need to continue the Spirals process in the Fall in order to develop hunches around how to support students with Self-Regulation and Anxiety. Data suggests that both are increasing amongst RVE students. Data sources scanned include:

- Middle Development Years Index (analyzed the last three years), Student Surveys, Office Referral Data, Class Profile Meeting anecdotal notes and observations, and School Based Team Meeting notes and observations-

In Celebration, the same data sources indicated that students report a sense of belonging, feeling cared for, and a connection to school and community, including adult who care and believe they will be successful.


Across our community initial scanning revealed a common commitment to inquiry as our way of and learning together. In September 2017 RVE Staff engaged the community in an Appreciative Inquiry process that gathered input and feedback from students, staff, parents, and community partners. The community was scanned for information to the following questions:

1. What are some of the best things about RVE?  What makes RVE special?

2. What values do you associate with RVE?  How can we grow these values?

The results of our Appreciate Inquiry work, or Community Scan, was significant feedback around what our Learning Community values. Staff then used this information to build and refine RVE's guiding vision, core values, learning intentions, and school goals.

RVE Vision: A collaborative learning community. We all belong, have purpose, and strive to be contributing global citizens.

RVE Values: Respect, Responsibility, Kindness, Community

Information gathered from our Communtiy Scan conncets to our learning community intnetions.  Specifically, we are excited about learning, we are inspired by nature and love where we learn, we make an effort to leverage the environment around our school to enhance learning, we believe that RVE students should be immersed in meaningful and deep learning opportunities inspired by First Peoples Principles of Learning, and we believe we have a responsibility to serve others and our community. In response to our Scan, we intend to continue to develop our collaborative and innovative work around place based learning; learning on and from the land that is infused with First Peoples Principles, mulit-age, inherently collaborative, and inquiry driven. We will also continue to support structures and strategies that promote and improve literacy skills amongst all students.