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Rose Valley Elementary
"Respect & Value Everyone"

Celebrating Rose Valley Elementary School 


Rose Valley Elementary School (RVE) is nestled in the hills of West Kelowna where it backs on to protected forest park lands and crisscrossed hiking and biking trails. The neighboring pond brings life and curiosity to the area, while the abundance of field and forest play space allows students to run, explore, and inquire.

Our school growth plans have reflected a strong focus on B.C.'s Re-Designed Curriculum, particularly the Core Competencies, as well the Central Okanagan School District's 21st Century Attributes of a Learner (Learner, Thinker, Collaborator, Innovator, and Contributor). Most recently, the staff at RVE engaged in learning around quality assessment practices and communicating student learning. Over the years, with these learning targets in mind, Rose Valley has developed many strategies and support structures to create a foundation rich in learning opportunity, learning support, and growth and development for all learners.

Rose Valley Elementary School staff members collaboratively engage in a continuous process of inquiry and learning in an effort to narrow their focus and determine the structures and strategies that best meet student learning needs. During the 2015-2016 school year, the Central Okanagan School District adopted a new model for communicating individual school growth to the community. Rather than setting goals and working to meet targets, the newly adopted model is responsive, in real time, to student needs. The new model encourages school communities to inquire about what is happening for learners and, in turn, informs direction for the staff of the school. Specifically, the guiding question is asked, " What's going on for our Learners?" As Such, this year has proven to be a process of both learning about the inquiry model while simultaneously engaging in the process.

What Makes RVE a Great Place to Learn

  • ​​Professional and Collaborative teaching and support staff
  • Well established School Based Team structures and supports implemented by dedicated and dynamic staff
  • Supportive, Involved, and Collaborative parents, including a strong Parent Advisory Council
  • Pyramid of Intervention model to support students and classroom teachers
  • Additional Learning Support teachers
  • Connection to the First Peoples Principles of Learning, including learning opporutities like the RVE Indigenous Games
  • Strong community connections
  • Various extracurricular activities that engage and provide opportunities all learners
  • Leadership and service opportunities for all learners
  • Traffic Safety Patrol
  • Harmony and Anti-Bullying Day celebrations
  • Intermediate-Primary Buddies
  • Involvement with B.C. Fruits and Vegetable & Snack Program
  • Wide range of curricular and extra-curricular field trips,  cultural performances, and special guests


PAC (Parents' Advisory Council)

Our supportive PAC (Parents' Advisory Coucil) meets monthly and is involved in supporting school planning, climate and culture, school initiatives, field trips, sponsoring unique learning opportunities, and purchasing some equipment for the school.  The PAC is very community focused, organizing guest speakers at meetings, welcome back events, BBQs, and Family Fun Nights. It is a very familiar sight to see parents in the hallways, on field trips and in classrooms supporting students and teachers.