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Rose Valley Elementary School: Respect and Value Everyone

Learning Community Values: Respect, Responsibility, Kindness, Community

Vision Statement: A collaborative learning community. We all belong, have purpose, and strive to be contributing global citizens.

Rose Valley Elementary School: About Our School

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Rose Valley Elementary School (RVE) is nestled in the hills of West Kelowna where it backs on to protected forest park lands and endless hiking trails. The neighboring pond brings life to the area, and the abundance of field and forest space allows students to run, play, explore, and inquire.

We are a Kindergarten to Grade 5 school with approximately 325 students.

School growth plans reflect a strong focus on B.C.'s Re-Designed Curriculum, particularly the Core Competencies, as well Central Okanagan Public School's Attributes of a Learner: Learner, Thinker, Collaborator, Innovator, and Contributor.

Rose Valley Elementary School: Engaging the Environment

At Rose Valley, we engage with the land that envelopes our school, partner with local organizations, and leverage local resources to facilitate meaninful learning. We engage with the land and we learn from the land. We truly "Love Where We Learn."

See the attachement to view Rose Valley Forest Friends guiding principles.

Rose Valley Forest Friends.pdf

See the attachement to view the updated document:  Friends and Stewards of the Rose Valley Forest .

RVE 2018-2019 Forest Friends and Stewards of the Rose Valley Forest.pdf

See the video to for a look at our dreams for further extending our Learning Space beyond the school walls.


Rose Valley Elementary School: Communicating Student Learning

RVE staff engage in cyclical learning around quality assessment practices and communicating student learning. With these learning targets in mind, Rose Valley has developed strategies and structures to create a foundation rich in learning opportunities, learning support, and the growth and development of all learners. Our goal is to increase communication and collaboration about student learning between students, teachers, and parents. We set out to accomplish this by:

  • engaging parents in three-way conversations using specific descriptive feedback about what learners can do, what the next steps in learning are, and how we will support continuous growth
  • using portfolio based communication to provide a "window into the classroom" and an opportunity for three way conversations (student, teacher, parent)
  • establishing consistent Key Assessments across grade levels 
  • designing instruction that is responsive to student learning needs and interests
  • communicating learning using Growth-Based Assessment language, consistent across the school,  in our unique Rose Valley Learning Growth Summary

RVE Learning Summary - Intermediate.pdf

RVE Learning Summary - Primary.pdf

Rose Valley Elementary School staff members collaboratively engage in a continuous process of inquiry and learning to narrow focus and determine how to best meet student learning needs.  Our approach to determining support is responsive to student needs. Our model requires inquiry into what is happening for learners now and, in turn, informs our direction. Specifically, the guiding question is asked, " What is going on for our Learners?" As a result, RVE directs resources and support to achieve two specific goals:

  1. Improve reading readiness amongst primary students
  2. Improve literacy skills, specifically communication, amongst intermeidate students

See "Our Learning Plan" for information about how these goals are supported.

Rose Valley Elementary School is staffed by true professionals, a team of collaborative teachers and support staff who contribute unique talents and expertise to a team that wraps support around all learners. A well established School Based Team structure includes weekly team meetings, class review meetings each term, and ongoing data analasys connected to a Pyramid of Intervention model, ensuring the needs of every student are considered and met. Where needed, before school Literacy Intervention and after school learning support programs, as well as additional Literacy Support Teachers, are available to support school goals.

The staff and students at Rose Valley are committed to developing student leaders and contributing citizens. Leadership and service opportunities are available to all learners, including opportunities to serve in the community. Our learning community partners with community organizations such as the West Kelowna Food Bank, the Kelowna Gospel Mission, the BC Thanksgiving Food Drive, the Kelowna Women's Shelter, Village at Smith Creek Seniors Centre to live out our intention to "Serve Others and Our Community." We really are connected to our community.

Our supportive PAC (Parents' Advisory Coucil) meets monthly and is involved in supporting school planning, climate and culture, school initiatives, field trips, sponsoring unique learning opportunities, and purchasing some equipment for the school.  The PAC is very community focused, organizing guest speakers at meetings, welcome back events, BBQs, and Family Fun Nights. It is a very familiar sight to see parents in the hallways, on field trips and in classrooms supporting students and teachers.