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Rose Valley Elementary
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Library Schedule
Each class has a regular weekly period to exchange their library books. Students are also welcome to exchange their books independently both before and after school.   
Class Schedule for Book Exchange:

Monday: Mrs Rocco 8:40am, Ms. Nordquist 12:10
Tuesday: Mrs. Strobel 9:05am, Mrs. Hill 9:30am, Mr. Bradshaw 12:10pm, Ms. Nittel 1:10pm
Wednesday: Mrs. Reynaud 9:30am, Mrs. Preston 9:55am, Mr. Stuerle 12:10pm, Mrs. Wark 1:10pm
Thursday: Mrs. Meier 8:40am, Mr. Warkotsch 9:05am, Mrs. Roffey 9:45am, Mrs. Weill 12:10pm
Friday: No exchanges scheduled