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Rose Valley Elementary
"Respect & Value Everyone"
Jul 04
We design learning rich in First Peoples Principles


RVE students are immersed in meaningful and deep learning opportunities inspired by First Peoples Principles of Learning. Led by our enthusiastic and knowledgable Aboriginal Advocate, RVE stafff collaboratively engage in lesson design rich Okanagan culture and infused with the Principles of Learning.

These images are just a view examples of learning at RVE:

1. Grade 5 students gather reeds from a nearby pond to make traditional Okanagan Mats

2. Intermediate students compete during Indigenous Games Day in celebration of National Indigenous Peoples Day

3. Grade 3 and 5 student engage in Traditional Aboriginal Story Telling after a short hike in Rose Valley Regional Park

4. Grade 3 students make personal connections to the Four Directions of the Okanagan Medicine Wheel

5. RVE's Aboriginal Advocate leads learning about the land and natural resources

6. Students add to "My Memory Bag" on Harmony Day, a day we celebrated diversity


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There are no comments for this post.